OnePlus Security Response Center, HackerOne partnership announced

OnePlus Security Response Center

As we always say and as we regularly see, OnePlus lives by its “Never Settle” motto. We’re always up-to-date with whatever upgrade or announcement OnePlus releases. The recent ones were for the OnePlus TV Q and Q1 Pro and the OxygenOS Open Beta 2 for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. The Chinese OEM is determined to improve on cybersecurity so it’s been doing research and development. The results are two new security efforts—a partnership with HackerOne and the OnePlus Security Response Center.

The main goal is to protect and defend users from cyber threats. With these two, OnePlus is hoping all threats will be combated. The team-up with the hacker-powered security platform will allow OnePlus to tap into their network of security experts. This way, OnePlus can know of the major security vulnerabilities before the OnePlus phones get exposed to them or get exploited.

As for the OnePlus Security Response Center, OnePlus will offer a reward to security experts who will discover and can report potential threats to the company’s system. The OnePlus Security Response Center is expected now to bring together security professionals, academics, and experts. Their mission is to “discover, disclose and remediate issues” according to the OEM. There is an active goal to “counter potential external threats to user security”.

OnePlus wants these security researchers to also “Never Settle”. It’s not impossible but definitely a feat to see. The bug bounty can reach up to $7,000. OnePlus will give the reward depending on the potential impact of the security threat.

If you’re a developer or a security researcher, feel free to report potential threats to OnePlus HERE. OnePlus’ technical experts will then review the reports. The collaboration with HackerOne will begin as a pilot program. This will also help against potential threats as research test out whatever system OnePlus has.

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