OnePlus Scout unified search rolls out in India with new launcher update

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OnePlus Launcher, which lets users tailor their home screen is now getting a new feature. Called OnePlus Scout, it is a unified search option that lets you look for anything from files to contacts on the handset. This new search feature is being rolled out to the OxygenOS with a new Launcher update for devices in India. It will bring universal search option to OnePlus smartphones to allow users to look up nearby places, search on the device for music, contacts, files, and even solve mathematical queries instantly by using the Calculator app.

According to XDA Developers, the OnePlus Scout feature was first spotted in the APK teardown of OnePlus Launcher v4.5.2 update earlier this year, and now being made available to OnePlus users in India. In the country, the unified search feature is being delivered with v4.7.2_200818175549 update of the OxygenOS launcher app.

Just like the universal search option on other phones, the OnePlus Scout will allow users to search terms all through the handset. All the users will be required is to type the query in the search box and the scouting for matching results from various apps will begin and be delivered.

The feature doesn’t work with messages, as previously believed, but it can look up the web to retrieve search results – in addition to searching the apps or contacts. It will allow users to find “restaurants, locations, or places nearby.” The feature is being made available for users in India, there is no word on when it will be available in other markets.

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