OnePlus Protection Plan expands to more European countries

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If you bought any of the OnePlus 8 series devices or you’re planning to get one, you’ll be able to get the OnePlus Protection Plan to make sure your device is covered in case of damages. Well, you can do so if you’re living in one of 27 European countries where it is now available. They have added 15 more countries to the list after the rollout initially to 12 countries that started last April 30. They have decided to expand the service due to rise up to the challenge of providing consistent service despite the “abundance of unknowns”.

OnePlus initially made their Protection Plan available in 12 countries last April 30 (which includes the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc) and unfortunately, if you still have not purchase the plan if you already have a OnePlus 8 device, you will not be able to add it anymore. But if you live in any of the Phase 2 countries, which includes Belgium, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden among others, you have until May 25 to purchase the added insurance.

But if you live in any of the 27 countries now included and you will be purchasing the OnePlus 8 soon, you can always add the Protection Plan of your choice upon checkout on the OnePlus website. The price is, of course, dependent on the plan, coverage periods, and the market where you’re buying from. There are two kinds of Protection Plans: the Screen Protection Plan and the Accidental Damage Protection Plan.

The Screen Protection Plan is the more affordable of the two which only covers the damage to the screen and back cover due to accidental drop, crash, or breakage and it only covers it for 12 months. The main website says it is priced at $69 for the OnePlus 8 and $79 for the OnePlus 8 Pro. There is also an access fee of $29. But again, the price will depend on the country where you’re buying it from.

The Accidental Damage Protection Plan meanwhile covers the device itself against damages by all accidental drops, crashes, breakages, and liquids for one year from the activation date. It’s $79 for the OnePlus 8 and $89 for the OnePlus 8 Pro. Plus there’s a $29 access fee for screen damage replacement and $99 for damages other than the screen.

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