OnePlus Nord shown off, learn how phones are priced here

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OnePlus Nord Pricing

July 21 can’t come soon enough. We’re on the lookout for more information, leaks, and teasers before the official launch by OnePlus next week. The OnePlus Nord is a new mid-ranger expected to become a bestseller in markets where it will be sold. The phone has actually sold out in Europe even when people don’t have an idea about its specs and features. More details have surfaced since then but we still want to see and get a hold of the product first.

OnePlus CEO Carl Pei managed to have a sit-down interview with popular tech vlogger Marques Brownlee (or is it the other way around?). In the video, several questions have been asked about the pricing of the OnePlus phones. It was mainly about how OEMs put a price tag on every phone.

OnePlus reached out to Brownlee to explain how and how much the company puts a premium on the phone by looking at the components. The OnePlus Nord is a mid-range phone and so the brand used it as an example.

The OnePlus Nord was finally shown off. Pei explained that OnePlus is now ready to venture into the mid-range category with a smartphone worth your money. The technology is ready especially with the introduction of the Snapdragon 765G processor. With all the improvements in hardware and software, OnePlus thinks it is ready to deliver a mid-range device with the same fast and smooth experience it offers with the premium category.

Watch the full video below:

When it comes to pricing, there are plenty of things to look at from the battery to the display to the IP certification. Every item is listed on the Bill of Materials (BOM). You always take into consideration the volume of units of phones you plan on manufacturing.

Like any other product or service, costing can be tricky but it must be done. OnePlus has done everything in its power to reduce costs so we can expect the OnePlus Nord will be affordable.

The OnePlus Nord presented in the video looks like previous OnePlus phones we’ve seen before. The color is new so we can probably look forward to a more fun device that is ready for multitasking, entertainment, and play.

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