OnePlus Nord goes thru a Durability Test, see if it survives

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The OnePlus Nord has finally and officially arrived after a series of teasers. OnePlus has launched a new mid-ranger that is promised to offer almost premium performance. We’ve got our hands-on and noted its flat display and dual selfie cameras. We learned about its characteristics as described ahead of the official launch and even learned how phones are priced. The phone that launched in augmented reality via an app has reached the hands of Zack Nelson. Obviously, it didn’t escape JerryRigEverything so now we know if the phone is durable or not.

As with most Durability Tests, it starts with an unboxing ritual.

The phone isn’t flagship but it looks and feels premium to touch. Well, only a series of Scratch, Burn, and Bend Test can tell us exactly. The phone is affordable but some parts have been compromised. That is expected from any mid-range device and this one from OnePlus is no different even if the company is saying it will surpass your expectation.

The OnePlus Nord survives the scratch test. It has also survived the burn test but we highly doubt the phone would survive falls and bumps especially from a significant height. It looks made of premium metal but it’s only plastic. We suggest you buy a protective case and a protective shield for the screen.

Moving on to the bend test, the OnePlus Nord has failed. The frame is bent and then cracked. Surprisingly, the back and front glass are still intact although the screen underneath is broken. We know Nelson’s grip is that strong and can’t be considered under normal condition but it’s clear the phone bends. We can’t imagine leaving it inside the pocket of our jeans and then forgetting it’s there.

It’s highly recommended that protective accessories are used. Do exert extra TLC on the OnePlus Nord if you plan on buying one. For $400, it’s really not bad.

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