OnePlus Launcher updated to version 4.1 with two new features

OnePlus Launcher V4.1

OnePlus is one of the few mobile brands today that regularly sends out OS updates. Just check the number of OxygenOS updates we’ve featured. OnePlus is one busy OEM and that’s expected since it only has a few phones part of its lineup. It has no reason not to get busy or delay upgrades because it should be living its ‘Never Settle’ motto. The OnePlus Launcher is next to receive and update with new features. As posted on the OnePlus forum, OnePlus Launcher V4.1 is ready with a new layout style and a step counter.

The Launcher gets two new practical features. One will benefit those who are serious in getting fit and healthy while the other one is for those who may be getting bored with the look of the OnePlus UI.

The first important feature is the Step counter that allows you to keep track of your daily walk or run. It measures your walking distance as any step counter would. Usually, a step counter is more useful on a fitness tracker or smartwatch but a step counter in your smartphone can also be efficient. Your phone is always with you anyway so it knows when you are moving.

Next additional feature is a new layout for the Home screen and Drawer. You can choose to show all apps on the Home screen only. You can also choose to show them on the Home screen and Drawer. Change the option by doing a long-press on the Home screen, choose HOME SETTINGS> Launcher style> Home screen only or Home screen and Drawer.

Note that Launcher 4.1 only works on Android 10 OS. OnePlus is still working on other Android versions but we highly suggest you update your OnePlus version to whatever is available.

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