OnePlus IDEAS 2.0 gives users an opportunity to improve OxygenOS 11

One reason OnePlus has emerged as a major Android smartphone player in the last few years is its active online community. The IDEAS crowdsourcing program initiated in early 2020 (between March 5 to April 30) to improve the products and user experience with OnePlus phones was a good idea. Now OnePlus is bringing the next iteration, IDEAS 2.0 for its fan base. This time around, the focus is only on improving the features for Oxygen OS with the same yardstick – submitting and voting of fresh ideas.

The second round of community-driven suggestions has commenced on September 28 and will last up to November 6, 2020, giving geeky end-users an open platform to share intuitive opinions on how to improve the OS for a seamless experience. During this phase – every two weeks – the review and selection of ideas will be undertaken. Thereafter, all the selected ideas will be announced on November 16.

Further brainstorming will be done on these selections and the best seven ideas are going to be ranked on the basis of likes. OnePlus think tank will then review and reply to these suggestions. The top ideas which go with the company’s vision for software implementation will be selected. They said, “It’s all up to you: you submit the ideas and you vote to select the best ones.”

If you think there’s a better way to experience OxygenOS 11, simply submit your version with the related sketches or diagrams, mockups, and even video content. Not only will you have the opportunity to get your idea implemented in the OS but also get a VIP ticket to the OnePlus offline launch event, round trip with single-night accommodation.

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