OnePlus Buds down to a dollar until supplies last

OnePlus Buds 2020

OnePlus is holding a very big sale. It is a promo offered earlier than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’ve been thinking of getting a pair of true wireless earbuds but can’t decided because of the numerous pricey options out in the market, you can consider this: OnePlus Buds. The pair was introduced last July and was made ready for more burdenless audio experience. It came with Warp Charge technology for faster charging and seamless connectivity. The budget truly wireless earbuds can be worth your money especially now that the price is down to $1.

Crazy sale? Maybe. OnePlus is dropping the price to just a dollar. The offer will begin tomorrow until supplies are out.

From $79 to $1, the new price is practically free. The first round of offer will begin 11:00 EST. If you’re not able to get the OnePlus Buds, you can try the Bullets Wireless Z as the price is also down to a dollar. The offer will start 12:00 EST. Free shipping is offered for the $49.99 OnePlus Buds Z.

The OnePlus Buds aren’t just for OnePlus phones. A dedicated OnePlus Buds app is available to support all Android phones.

You can also consider the new OnePlus Buds Z but no discount is offered. As described, it brings a more affordable truly wireless earbuds experience.

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