OnePlus Buds details teased, leaked ahead of launch

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We’re just a few days from the official announcement of new OnePlus devices but once again, we’re seeing official teasers and some leaked details about the OnePlus Buds. This is the OEM’s first truly wireless earbuds and so interest in it is pretty high. They previously teased the name, that it will probably be less than $100 and we’re seeing leaks that it has Warp Charge technology and will come in three colors. Now OnePlus has indicated that we might be getting some sort of noise cancellation, but probably not the active noise cancellation that people want.

A tweet from the official OnePlus account says that your voice will still be heard even if you’re in a noisy environment so you don’t need to shush the people around you. This means you will indeed get some sort of noise cancellation, but it seems like it’s only when you’re taking calls. We’re still unsure if the earbuds will have Active Noise Cancellation which is the most requested feature from those who are into truly wireless earbuds.

Another teaser that OnePlus gave out, this time on Instagram, shows a “graphical representation” of the OnePlus Buds with the caption saying $XX.XX. Some are interpreting that the earbuds will be priced under $100, which may also mean we won’t be getting ANC with that price tag. It won’t have wireless charging as confirmed by the company to keep the price more affordable although it does carry the Warp Charge technology so you get 10 hours of power in just 10 minutes of charging.

Meanwhile, 9 to 5 Google shares that an APK dive into the latest OnePlus 8 update shows a gallery of images for the OnePlus Buds. Based on the pictures, we’re getting three different colors for the earbuds: black, white, and blue. The design itself can be compared to Apple’s AirPods but there’s also some inspiration from the OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones. The charging case has a rounded shape and also mirrors the colors of the earbuds themselves.

In any case, it won’t be long until we find out all the details about the OnePlus Buds as well as the other devices the OEM will be launching. This includes the budget smartphone line OnePlus Nord. The launch is on July 21 so we’ll bring you all the relevant news after the company announcements.

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