OnePlus announces top 7 ideas from its community for OxygenOS

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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call OnePlus a community-driven smartphone company. From time to time, OnePlus rolls out these idea generation programs that let the community share its two cents on suggestive improvements in OxygenOS running on the OEM’s handsets. The first such idea that met fruition was the implementation of Always-On Display, which now plays a role in improving user experience on certain OnePlus smartphones.

In late September, the Chinese smartphone maker had announced a new crowdsourcing campaign on its forums. This was called the IDEAS 2.0 and it required the community to suggest ways to shape up the OxygenOS’s future. A month through the program and top seven suggestion have been decided on the basis of ‘likes’ they received.

Per an official post on the forum, the top 7 most liked ideas from the second round have been shortlisted. OP team will be “reviewing and evaluating” these and after an “internal discussion” the replies will be out on November 6. If your idea has not made it to the list, or you would want to suggest a fresh idea that could be part of a future OxygenOS, the third round of IDEAS has begun, and you can participate there.

The shortlisted seven ideas include “Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback – by @micohau”; “Lockscreen customizatiom – by @GeneralKen0bi”; “iOS 14 Back Tap Gestures – by @RoyDecoy”; “Preventing Screen Burn-In by Subtle Pixel Shifting – by @suhantm”; “Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus and vice versa – by @Starcommander”; “Customizable Battery charge level – by @Sikandar Rao”; “Dual audio in Bluetooth – by @Rodolfo Ochoa”.

According to the terms of this ideas generation program, the idea that is finally adopted in the OS, the person suggesting it, will receive a VIP ticket to an offline OnePlus event with a round trip and one-night accommodation. The top 7 in each IDEAS round will win 50 XP and exclusive community medals.

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