OnePlus 9 Pro will come with a Hasselblad camera

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OnePlus is making another big announcement in the coming days. This is after that long announcement posted on the OnePlus forum, telling the public about the OnePlus 9 Pro being co-developed with Hasselblad. We never doubted the partnership. We knew it was only a matter of time before the Chinese OEM makes an official announcement. Much has been said about the smartphones, both the regular OnePlus 9 and the Pro variant, but what we want is the official and public reveal.

OnePlus started the week by putting up an announcement on the forum. OnePlus has teamed up with Hasselblad to improve the camera system. It’s something we’ve been mentioning here and now it’s final.

OnePlus has provided a glimpse into what the OnePlus 9 series could offer–premium mobile photography. Hasselblad has been described as a “truly legendary partner”. The brand’s cameras have “captured humanity’s first steps on the moon”. That’s something many people don’t know.

A Hasselblad camera was taken to the moon and now Hasselblad and OnePlus are bringing the moon to the earth in the form of a phone camera. Watch the teaser video below:

OnePlus 9 series will implement a Sony IMX789 sensor. It will also include 12-bit RAW support, HDR video recording, and 4K at 120 fps and 8K at 30 fps with the Hasselblad Camera for Mobile technology.

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