OnePlus 8T teardown reveals dual-battery packed in one unit

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OnePlus 8T has been released and it means the flagship device from the Chinese smartphone company will be put under the scalpel more often than we think. In the latest teardown of the OnePlus 8T, YouTuber Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything offers us a detailed look at the innards of the phone and also reveals that it has a dual-battery configuration.

The teardown is followed by a durability test in which the OnePlus’ flagship handset is put through rigorous scratch and bend tests. The testing reveals the phone to attain scratches at level six of the Mohs hardness test, which is pretty interesting.

The video shows the phone being unscrewed and components being removed traditionally. But what is really exciting here in this teardown is that the phone has a 4,500mAh battery, which has been divided into two batteries wrapped up to form one unit. The dual battery pack is touted to enable the super-fast 65W Wrap Charging.

The battery pack within the OnePlus 8T looks identical to what’s found in its predecessors – OnePlus 8 or others. But a closer inspection reveals a crease in the center of that battery pack, which divides the single battery into two 2,250mAh batteries. Together these bring the total battery capacity to 4,500mAh – the magic number the phone is marketed with.

According to JerryRigEverything, most phones don’t charge faster than 30W, it is safe then to divide the batteries and distribute the power than to fire a single battery with more juice than it can handle. In the teardown, the YouTuber also reveals, that there are foam balls inside the speaker to enhance audio but there is no waterproofing for it.

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