OnePlus 8’s selfie cutout can be used as batt, notif indicator

You know that punch-hole on the OnePlus 8’s front screen? That is for the selfie camera alright but it can also be used as a notification. We’ve learned something similar before but this may be a more active approach. It is OnePlus’ first time to use a punch-hole after using the notch design and a pop-up camera on previous smartphones. As for the OnePlus 8, it only comes with a hole-punch which we can now turn into a battery and notification indicator via two separate apps–the and Energy Ring and Arc Lighting.

Both mobile apps are now on the Google Play Store. You can download them so you can turn that punch-hole of your OnePlus 8 into a special indicator. It can tell you about the battery level and if there is a new notification.

The OnePlus 8 series is presently the flavor of the month because the phones are the latest flagships from Chinese OEM that “never settles”. The OnePlus 8 only comes with a hole in front positioned at the center. It’s not that obvious but it will be now with the battery indicator or notification light, mimicking information usually seen on an Always-on Display mode which the phone doesn’t have yet.

XDA developer. The app brings support for new phones with a punch-hole selfie shooter cutouts. It can tell the battery level. In-app items can be purchased to add multi-colored rings or gradients plus some animation effects. Download the Energy Ring – General Edition! and the Arc Lighting Notification Light from the Google Play Store.

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