OnePlus 8 Pro Teardown: Watch the video here

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OnePlus 8 Pro Teardown

Any teardown video reveals how a company has designed the inside of a phone. More often than not, we’re given a glimpse as to how smart or ingenious a company is. There is also the series of durability tests that tell us the strength and capacity of a phone but prying open a device tells us many things. After that Durability Test by JerryRigEverything, Zack Nelson shared another video that may be important and helpful to potential buyers. He was able to get a hold of the OnePlus 8 Pro even before the official launch.

As for this teardown, the sleek and slim OnePlus 8 Pro boasts a beautiful design inside. The internal structure is neat and clean. You’d know this one is well-designed and the people behind it carefully planned everything.

Opening the phone is easy as usual but with some help from prying tools. It’s a bit challenging when you have to remove the rear panel but nothing that can’t be solved. The panel is held by a strong adhesive which is understandable because of the IP68 rating. Unlike before, the phone now comes with an official water- and dust-proof rating.

Repairing the phone is possible but not very easy. You need to be a bit patient here. You also need to be careful especially if you don’t want to damage the inside.

The neatly laid out design of the OnePlus 8 Pro makes it ideal to show off with a transparent cover. When you remove the rear cover, you will quickly see a copper wireless charging coil. There is a huge circular winding that takes care of the 30W wireless charging tech.

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