OnePlus 8 Pro Teardown shows design, repairability score

The OnePlus 8 Pro Teardown by Zack Nelson, aka JerryRigEverything, has told us the phone features a neatly laid out design. A transparent cover may be best to show off what’s inside and how the company planned the design. The phone is somewhat repairable but IFixit has given it a low score in repairability. No doubt the flagship phone is premium with a premium design, premium specs, and premium features. It may be a waste of money to open the phone but these experts know what they are doing.

The construction of the OnePlus 8 Pro is very much similar to previous models. The sandwich glass design is the same so opening the phone is easy. Remove the rear with some heat and prying.

Opening the back panel is smooth because nothing is blocking the cover. It comes out cleanly as mentioned. We quickly see some insulation that we’re assuming helps in cooling and efficiency in wireless charging.

A golden charging coil greets you as you open the device. The charging coil and the top half of the phone are held by screws. Removing them reveals the motherboard right away. Removing the lower frame quickly follows.

The motherboard is shown but it can’t be removed easily. There are screws that hold it in place. The camera must be removed first before the motherboard is completely removed. Once done, you will notice the residual paste underneath.

The phone is not easily repairable but it shows it can be very durable. The parts seem tight and well-built but it also means the device is not something you can easily destroy. Being the first phone from OnePlus with an official IP rating, it has to be worth its price.

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