OnePlus 8 Pro gets torn down on video

A few days ago the OnePlus 8 Pro was announced, and it immediately starred in one of JerryRigEverything‘s trademark ‘durability tests’ on video. Now it’s time for what is usually part two – namely, the teardown.

This has been recorded on video too, of course. So if you derive pleasure from watching phone’s insides being taken out one by one, then you’re definitely going to enjoy this presentation.

The OnePlus 8 Pro is harder to get into because of stronger adhesive, which is probably related to the handset’s IP68 water and dust resistance. Zack from JerryRigEverything says this phone has among the best looking ‘guts’ he’s seen lately, including the copper wireless charging coil. Hopefully you have the time to watch the entire video and see for yourself just what he meant. The OnePlus 8 Pro definitely seems to want to impress on the inside, as well as the outside.

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