OnePlus 7T teardown shows what’s behind the round camera and plenty of rubber gaskets

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Zack from JerryRigEverything set out to find out what’s behind the circular camera island on the OnePlus 7T. It turns out that the answer is “aesthetics” as there’s nothing inherently circular about the hardware inside. The triple camera module is laid out horizontally with the dual LED flash placed on a separate daughter board (which also houses the NFC antenna).

The more interesting finding is that there are numerous rubber gaskets around all openings of the phone as well as around the connections of the ribbon cables. The gaskets are OnePlus red, a nice touch.

However, OnePlus makes no official claims about water resistance. The company didn’t make a big deal about the second loudspeaker too – the OnePlus 7T has two loudspeakers for stereo audio, instead of relying on the earpiece to output the second channel (like certain other phones do).

In case you missed it, watch Zack’s bend test video. The 7T doesn’t handle it as well as previous OnePlus phones did. The good news is that the matte finish on the back glass seems to handle contact with metal objects pretty well.


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