OnePlus 3 and above to receive Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode

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Google Assistant OnePlus Devices

OnePlus really lives the ‘Never Settle’ motto. We’ve been saying it again and again but it’s always true for OnePlus. We have no idea about the numbers of the company but there is no stopping the Chinese OEM. It has a market in Asia, Europe, and the United States unlike other tech companies in the same business. The anticipation is building up for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. Several details are being shared including the possibility of wireless charging, improvements on mobile videography, 120Hz screen refresh rate, smoother scrolling, and the addition of OnePlus Optimized Charging tech.

OnePlus has recently teamed up with Google to deliver the Ambient Mode to the OnePlus phones. Starting with the OnePlus 3, the same Ambient Mode powered by the Google Assistant will be available on your phone.

This Ambient Mode is more than useful even when the smartphone is being charged. It allows you to access information and suggestions like your schedule, agenda, reminders, entertainment, and the weather among others. When at home, it can also turn the device into a small digital photo frame.

If you have other smart home devices, you can also use the OnePlus phone as an interface to control the other smart products like smart speakers or lights. Watch the video below to know more about the proactive Google Assistant.

​The Ambient Mode should be activated easily. Simply charge your phone and while connected, choose the notification to start the setup process. You can also go to the Google App> More> Settings> Google Assistant > Select the Assistant tab > Devices (Phone). The update should be available to your OnePlus smartphone anytime soon. The rollout is staged so you have to be patient if it hasn’t arrived yet.

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