OneNote 2016 gains years of additional support and a new dark mode

OneNote 2016 may be a few years old, but Microsoft realizes that it is the preferred version of OneNote for some people. To allow people to use the version of OneNote that they like, Microsoft announced an extension of support for OneNote 2016. Mainstream support for OneNote 2016 now lasts until October 10, 2023 and extended support lasts until October 14, 2025.

The extension of mainstream support aligns OneNote 2016’s support cycle with that of Office 2019. Microsoft also announced that starting in March 2020, when a person deploys or installs certain Office 365 subscriptions, the OneNote desktop app will be installed by default along with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. People can also install OneNote 2016 directly from Microsoft.

In addition to the extension of support, Microsoft announced that OneNote 2016 will gain a dark mode. This dark mode helps OneNote 2016 match with other versions of OneNote. A new post from the Office 365 blog details the extension of support and OneNote’s dark mode.

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