OneLab Clipt lets you send content from Android to Desktop

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OnePlus OneLab Clipt

OnePlus never settles and it continues to introduce new features, products, innovations, and improvements. Just a few days ago, the OnePlus Watch received a B.48 software update that included the Always-on-Display. Last week, the company announced the OneLab team as a new effort to improve on a number of things. The team aims to deliver new apps that may be really useful for the consumers. Several apps are expected to be introduced but for now, we will focus on Clipt.

Clipt is an answer to a need that OnePlus developers wanted to address. They wanted something to come up with a way to easily and quickly share information across devices like a phone or a laptop.

Instead of using different platforms to share data, there’s Clipt as a way to send photos, text, and files safely and seamlessly between devices.

Clipt works as an app and Chrome extension. You can use it on all devices so you can copy or paste on different devices. It still uses Google Drive. The idea is great but it can only see and keep the last ten transactions or items available.

Clipt will need to ask permission from Google Drive to start or finish any transaction. It is mainly a seamless clipboard which we believe will be helpful to those who regularly share data and content between mobile devices.

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