OneDrive Beta for Android now has an On This Day feature

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Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram already have an On This Day feature which allows you to relive what you posted on the same day a year ago or even several years ago. Even Google Photos introduced something like this so you can see the photos and videos you took on the same day. Now it’s Microsoft’s turn to get in on that “nostalgic” (well, as nostalgic as you can get from a year ago) action as they’re introducing the On This Day feature in the OneDrive for Android beta version.

The feature basically is what its name says it is. It will let you browse through content that you took and uploaded on the same calendar day in the past few years. What isn’t clear though if it’s just photos and videos or if other files uploaded and created on that day will also be included. Files don’t really make sense though because you probably do not want to wax nostalgic about a powerpoint presentation you made 3 years ago.

If you’re on the OneDrive Beta program, all you have to do is update to the latest version which is version 5.41. Once the app has been updated already, when you open OneDrive, you’ll see at the top of it the On This Day section. Based on the screenshot on the German site Windows United, it looks to be a collection of photos and videos and we’re assuming it will be separated by year (we can only see October 2019 in the screenshot).

Those on Facebook and Instagram who like looking back on their year have been occasionally reposting those memories on their timeline again. There are however some issues that if a day has been a breakup or a death or a trauma of some kind, it will only bring up bad memories. Facebook has been trying to fix that by giving users the option of blocking certain days or months where they have experienced a profound loss or pain.

Microsoft hasn’t announced something similar to that yet but if more people start getting the On This Day feature, expect that there may be some clamor for that. Those on the beta version should try it out and see if it’s indeed nostalgic or just annoying.


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