One UI 3 Beta Program for Developers opens in South Korea, US

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Samsung ONE UI 3 Beta Program for Developers

Apart from several phones to be added to the Galaxy lineup, Samsung is also working on the next One UI version. We mentioned last month the One UI 3 Beta Program for Devs is now open in the United States and South Korea. Samsung has released more information about the program that targets first the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This beta program is for the developers who may be interested in trying out the new One UI features the company has been preparing.

Like any beta program, Samsung wants to make sure the new One UI is ready for wider and more commercial release especially since it will be for the premium flagship Galaxy S20 series. Devs are requested and expected to try out the design and new features and then send feedback to Samsung. Whatever bug or issue encountered must be reported to the company.

Other countries can now join the beta program. Apart from United States and South Korea, those Samsung developers living in Germany, China, India, Poland, and the UK can sign up for the One UI 3 Beta Program.

A Pre-beta Phase for Developers will be opened. This is to ensure the applications are compatible with the beta software. The public beta will begin soon but the developers must first determine if they are eligible to join. This period is now open to developers in the US and Korea. Feel free to join HERE and do the compatibility testing.

Specifically, these are the models that can be used for the beta program in South Korea: Galaxy S20 (SM-G981N), S20+ (SM-G986N), and S20 Ultra (SM-G988N) whether unlocked or those from KT, LGU+, and SKT. In the United States, these models from T-Mobile and Sprint are also eligible: Galaxy S20 (SM-G981U), S20+ (SM-G986U), and Galaxy S20 Ultra (SM-G988U). Unlocked versions can also be used: Galaxy S20 (SM-G981U1), S20+ (SM-G986U1), S20 Ultra (SM-G988U1)

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