One UI 3.0 beta delayed for Galaxy S10 and more over high battery drain

Samsung suspended the One UI 3.0 open beta program for more than half a dozen of its 2019 and 2020 Galaxy flagships due to some rather alarming technical issues that came to light. More specifically, it would appear the current experimental builds of the company’s first mobile operating system based on Android 11 have a tendency to absolutely wreck the battery life of any poor device caught running them.

To be more specific, the issue was first reported by a number of Galaxy Note 10 owners participating in Samsung’s ongoing testing, but the manufacturer’s decision to indefinitely postpone every planned testing program shortly after reviewing the said claims seems to indicate these problems go beyond the 2019 stylus-equipped smartphone range. Unfortunately, all of this is happening just several days after the One UI 3.0 beta program finally started expanding to the Galaxy Note 10 lineup following much anticipation.

One UI 3.0 roadmap growing more suspect by the day

The affected devices whose One UI 3.0 betas were delayed or suspended as a result of this development include the entire Galaxy S10 family, both Galaxy Note 10-series devices, every iteration of the Galaxy Z Flip, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The decision on the indefinite delay was confirmed by a Samsung community manager on the company’s official product forums.

Apart from horrendously bad battery life, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ users running the recent One UI 3.0 beta build also complained about persistent app crashes, minor S Pen inconsistencies, and other such usual suspects commonly encountered while running experimental software. Overall, there’s not much to do at this point but keep our fingers crossed in hopes that Samsung gets to the bottom of these technical difficulties in a timely manner and promptly resumes the One UI 3.0 beta program, which wasn’t exactly on course to win any speedy deployment awards even before getting quarantined like this.

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