One of the Honor 70 models certified with a 4,800mAh battery and 66W fast charging

The Honor number series is on a twice a year release schedule and it has been six months since the 60-series launched. Signs that the sequel is nearly here include a new device being certified by the 3C, which revealed battery stats, while rumors filled in other blanks.

FNE-AN00 is one of the Honor 70 series models, insiders say. It’s not clear which one, however, this generation we are expecting the Honor 70, 70 Pro and 70 Pro+. The 60-series topped out at ‘Pro’, so this time around we should see a true flagship.

As for the AN00, it will have a 4,800 mAh battery and will support 66W fast charging (11V at 6A). Those are essentially the same specs as the Honor 60/60 Pro. There is talk of a faster charger, but that will be exclusive to the Pro+.

One of the Honor 70 models certified with a 4,800mAh battery and 66W fast charging

Based on rumors, the Honor 70 will be powered by the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 (which may be announced next week). It will have a BOE-made AMOMLED panel, 10-bit 120 Hz. And it will feature a 108MP main camera, an 8MP ultra wide and a 2MP auxiliary module. Chipset aside, this sounds quite close to the vanilla 60 model.

The Honor 70 Pro is expected to switch over to Team MediaTek with a Dimensity 8100 chipset. It will upgrade to an LTPO panel (1-120 Hz) and change the camera makeup to a 50MP main (IMX766), 50MP super ultra wide and an 8MP camera with OIS (telephoto?). The batteries on the 70 and 70 Pro are expected to be the 4,800 mAh/66W seen in the 3C certification.

The Honor 70 Pro+ should be a proper flagship. It is expected to use the Dimensity 9000 chipset and it will support 100W fast charging (with battery capacity dropping a bit to 4,600 mAh). The fourth camera will go up to a 12MP sensor, but its function is still unknown (again, probably a telephoto).

Honor has confirmed that the Magic4 series will go global on May 12 (tomorrow), however, it is unlikely that the Honor 70 series will attend that event. We should start seeing a lot of teasers as the launch draws near – the Honor 60 is a big part for the company’s meteoric rise in its home market, so the launch of the 70-series should arrive with fanfare.

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