One of the best Xbox Series X games EVER is 50% off right now

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Black Friday, Cyber Weekend, and Cyber Monday may seem like brutal bastardizations of what once was a time dedicated to recovering from Thanksgiving and ushering in the good tidings of Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and all the other upcoming holidays centered around love and family rather than consumerism. But in this particular instance, you can steal back the good vibes commercialism kidnapped by using its own fire against it. Grab It Takes Two for Xbox Series X or Xbox One for just $19, then stop shopping and play the game of the century with a loved one.

Seriously, It Takes Two is not a game to be missed, because it’s not just a game. It’s one of those rare releases that’s an experience. And considering you have to experience it with another person, we mean it when we say you’re bound to feel something good while playing. $19 for some of the best hours of your life with a dear friend, spouse, or family member is a small price to pay considering what’s gained.

To summarize It Takes Two in a few words: Imagine if Pixar made a game about a couple struggling to solve their marital dilemmas while their kid suffered, trapped in the middle of two feuding adults. The game is every bit as heartbreaking and inspiring as any Toy Story or Inside Out, and just as good-looking. Stop reading this and go have fun playing it!

It Takes Two Cover Art

It Takes Two | $20 off

It Takes Two is as good as gaming gets. It’s as long as a marathon of Pixar movies and is the same quality as the best of them. You need a friend to play it with, but only one of you needs to own the game. Do yourself a favor and grab it now!

$19 at Best Buy

There are other fantastic Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals on offer right now as well, so be sure to check those out. But really, do yourself a solid and grab It Takes Two so you can have a fun time bonding with someone you care about. Only one person needs to own it for two to play it, online or locally.

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