One Hand Operation + updated with new features, other Good Lock modules get bug fixes

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Samsung has released new updates to a few Good Lock modules, including One Hand Operation +, NavStar, QuickStar, and Task Changer. Only the One Hand Operation + module has received new features, while other modules have received bug fixes with the new update.The new update to One Hand Operation + brings a new feature that lets you adjust media volume. A long swipe up action raises the volume, while a long swipe down action lowers the volume. There’s now a floating button that can be used to incrementally change the volume level. The mini task switcher now has smoother animations. Each open app now gets a three-dot menu that can be used to close the app, keep the app in memory, open it in a pop-up window, and open it in a split-screen window.The Quick Tools panel in One Hand Operation + now has a toggle for the color inversion accessibility feature. A new swipe action called Screen Rotation has been added to the list of gestures, and when it is activated, it switches the phone’s UI orientation from portrait to landscape and vice versa. It only works when the auto-rotate feature is turned off, though. Samsung has also fixed the handle color bug with the update.The NavStar module’s update fixes a bug that caused the navigation bar list to disappear when editing and saving the navigation bar. It also fixes the issue where ‘Show on Home Screen’ wasn’t work properly after rebooting the device. The Task Changer module’s update fixes the problem touching the bottom area in Dex mode. It added a feature to let an app open in the background. No new changelog has been provided with the QuickStar update.
Samsung Good Lock One Hand Operation + Update July 2020

Samsung Good Lock NavStar Update July 2020

Samsung Good Lock QuickStar Update July 2020

Samsung Good Lock Task Changer Update July 2020

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