One Hand Operation+ home screen issue fixed with latest update

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Samsung is rolling out a new update for One Hand Operation+, pushing the Good Lock module to version It’s not a major release, though the changelog mentions a bug fix that addresses an issue with the module not working from the home screen.We haven’t experienced this problem on our phones, so we assume that it crops up only in specific conditions that we were not able to recreate. Nevertheless, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so even if you haven’t experienced this home screen bug that goes by undetailed in the changelog, you should grab this new update if you’re using One Hand Operation+. It weighs only around 2.5MB and you can get it from the Galaxy Store or download it directly to your phone from our APK archive.Reminder: One Hand Operation+ now has a Virtual touch padThe prior update to One Hand Operation+ was more meaningful thanks to the added Virtual touch pad. It was designed to improve reachability on large-screen Galaxy devices without having to sacrifice screen real estate. The implementation is not perfect but it feels more natural to use than the existing Cursor mode found in the Accessibility menu.As always, you will need Good Lock running on your phone if you want to use One Hand Operation+ or any other modules for that matter. In other words, downloading the module on its own without Good Lock on your phone is not enough to get it running.

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