One Hand Operation+ gets a Virtual touch pad, here’s how to enable it

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Samsung has updated the One Hand Operations+ Good Lock module, and the latest release introduces a new feature called Virtual touch pad. It provides an alternative to One-handed mode built-into One UI. But unlike One-handed mode, the Virtual touch pad available through Good Lock lets you reach any part of your screen without minimizing it. Essentially, it works in full-screen mode.This is particularly useful if you’re bothered by losing screen real estate in favor of reachability. With One Hand Operations+ and the Virtual touch pad feature, you don’t have to make this trade-off. You can download the One Hand Operations+ module directly to your phone from our APK archive (hit the link).How to enable the Virtual touch padWith Good Lock and One Hand Operations+ installed, launch the module from your apps drawer and follow these steps:Step 1: Tap the On toggle to enable One Hand Operation+
Step 2: Enable and tap either the Left handle or Right handle – whichever you prefer
Step 3: Select the desired gesture, like Straight left, for example
Step 4: Scroll down the list of options and select Virtual touch pad

You can now perform the selected gesture (Straight left in this example) to enable the Virtual touch pad. As seen in the fourth screenshot above, the pad is generally located on the lower half of the screen, and with it, you can control a circular cursor to reach the upper half without having to minimize the display area. It’s particularly useful for devices with large displays, such as the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra, whose panels clock in at 6.7 and 6.9-inch, respectively.

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