Office Insiders in the Targeted ring have new SVG features to play with

Office Insiders in the Monthly Channel (Targeted) ring have some new features to play with following a recent update. New features are available for Word and PowerPoint. The update brings the version number to 1908 (build 12026.20108). An Insider Office post fully breaks down the update. The same features rolled out to Insiders in the Fast ring in August.

PowerPoint gained several new features related to saving items as SVG files. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) files can be scaled up and down without losing details. PowerPoint now has the ability to save objects as SVG files. This is handy if you need to scale up a chart or graph to make a poster or large graphic. Insiders can also save an entire slide or presentation as an SVG. As you would expect, raster images such as PNGs and JPEGs will still render as raster images. These file formats are not vector files and cannot scale the same way as SVGs.

Word gained a Rewrite feature that gives suggestions to help you rephrase sentences. You can select a phrase up to seven words and have Word suggest several ways to rephrase it.

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