Obsidian’s new survival game Grounded already has over a million players

Grounded, a new survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, just launched into early access on July 28. This small game is already seeing big results, as a press release on Xbox Wire revealed today that Grounded crossed a million players in its first two days. Obsidian also shared that the team is beginning monthly updates for Grounded starting on August 27.

Obsidian’s Game Director on Grounded Adam Brennecke took to Twitter to express his joy at the game’s reception so far.

Grounded is a smaller game than many of Obsidian’s prior projects, quite literally, as it’s being developed by a team of just 13. Players take on the role of kids in a backyard that have been shrunk down and must face terrifying bugs like spiders — though the spiders can be made less scary through Grounded’s Arachnophobia Safe Mode.

Grounded is currently available on Xbox One and PC. Like all Xbox Game Studios titles, it’s also in Xbox Game Pass. For a list of beginner’s combat and crafting tips in Grounded, go here.

Microscopic survival


It’s a big(ger) world out there.

Obsidian Entertainment makes its exclusive debut on Xbox One and PC with Grounded, a unique survival experience that literally makes all of your problems much, much bigger. Join your friends as you’re shrunk down to the size of an ant and are forced to survive in a dangerous backyard.

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