NZXT launches new H510 PC case for World of Warcraft

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NZXT is rolling out its fifth custom PC case and it’s themed around World of Warcraft. Whether you’ve declared allegiance to Horde or Alliance, the new H510 World of Warcraft PC cases will showcase all your components within a Azeroth chassis.

Each case is coated in the faction colors with respective backlit logo emblazoned on the front panel. Should you be prepping for a Mythic raid or Arena match and need a new PC to really get the most out of the MMORPG, the new H510 World of Warcraft PC case from NZXT is a fitting place to start.

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What’s more is these cases are part of a limited edition run with just 1,000 units of Horde and Alliance cases to be produced. The cases themselves are themed versions of the excellent H510, rocking front USB Type-C ports, handy cable management features, sleek side window panel, and a high-quality build.


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