NVIDIA GeForce NOW has over 2k games from 200 publishers

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NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service has already won hearts of millions of gamers worldwide in its trial run. The Google Stadia competitor is now nearing the end of trial period. Reportedly, GeForce NOW is working on building a robust catalog of PC games for gamers who do not have access to high-end gaming rigs. The new set of games will be brought to the fore by more than 200 publishers ready to stream on GeForce NOW.

NVIDIA has offered publishers and developers with an opt-in process to provide their games on GeForce NOW. The community seems to be accepting the invitation graciously – the gaming platform now boasts of being a service with games from more than 200 publishers committing over 2,000 games to the service.

According to Phil Eisler, vice president GeForce NOW, “response (for opt-in process) has been strong with over 200 publishers committing to streaming on the service.” Now, only games opted in will be available on the cloud gaming service, which by no standard are less in number.

More than 2000 games have committed to GeForce NOW and it includes over 500 instantly playable titles. According to NVIDIA, new games are added to the GeForce NOW library every Thursday.

Phil elaborates that GeForce NOW is free for developers who can reach millions of gamers in the gaming ecosystem. Some publishers are allegedly still working on their cloud strategies and could opt-in for the service soon – though they have only until 31 May. “Those that haven’t opted in as of May 31 will be removed”, Phil notes.

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