Nvidia GeForce Now can be explored on your Chromebook

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Cloud gaming is becoming popular now that Stadia has picked up pace, Microsoft is bringing Xbox game streaming (xCloud) in September and Nvidia is adding Chromebook support for GeForce Now. One advantage that GeForce Now brings for you as a user is the ability to run the Steam, Epic, or Ubisoft titles on PC even if the service goes extinct. For now, Nvidia has come up with beta version of the cloud gaming service on ChromeOS.

To keep things simple, you just need to jump to play.geforce.now and login with your GeForce account. To get started, you need to own some titles from Steam, Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Uplay. The game runs on the browser without any download requirements, which is great for a quick play of your favorite title.

The service makes sense for people who are always on the go – away from the luxury of a high-end gaming system at home. You can now play favorite high graphics games on your laptop which is natively not meant to do so. This means you could be exploring distance learning on your Chromebook during day time and enjoying intriguing games by night.

With GeForce Now you’ll have access to more than 650 gaming titles which is an advantage for the service. For now, there are paid plans which unlock perks like longer sessions of six hours, priority access, and RTX ray-tracing acceleration for games. This is priced at $4.99 per month and if you go for the 6-month package for $24.95, some in-game content for Ubisoft HyperSpace will be added.

Support for the service on Chrome OS for Chromebooks will bring smiles to gamers who might prefer it over Stadia. There are some minimum requirements to run the games – Intel Core M3, Core i3, i5 or i7 processor along with Intel HD graphics 600 (or higher), 4GB minimum RAM, and an internet connection of at least 15 Mbps.

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