NuVolta NU2205 Dual-cell 200W fast charging solution introduced

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NuVolta NU2205

A couple of months ago, Xiaomi showed off its new 200W Wired and 120W Wireless Fast Charging technology. That was really fast. We remembered saying a Xiaomi phone with 200W wired fast charging tech would be ready. We’re guessing it would be the Xiaomi Mi 12 since the Mi 11 series was already introduced earlier this year. Other OEMs have also started on similar solutions and we believe more are also looking into the same technology. In China, NuVolta Technologies has just introduced a new fast-charging chip–the NU2205. It’s not the final and official name yet but we can refer to it as the NuVolta NU2205.

As described, the NuVolta NU2205 is now the fastest in the industry. Charging power can reach up to 100W and can support the dual-cell 4:2 pump fast-charging system. For smartphones, it is said to deliver 200W dual-cell fast charging solution.

The chip is said to offer speed while still guaranteeing lower heat generation. That’s already through the entire process. Two batteries can be charged at 10A and 20A under 25°C ambient temperature and 16V input. That is only about 44.9°C and 46.8°C.

NuVolta is also believed to be working with Xiaomi since photos of the Xiaomi Mi 11/Mi 11 Pro were used. Xiaomi could be using NuVolta’s technology in the near future. A dual-cell solution may be used for Xiaomi phones.

If you may remember the Xiaomi charging solution introduced to us the possibility of charging a 4000mAh battery to full capacity within eight minutes. That is with the help of a 200W wired fast charger. No need to wait for long hours just to see the phone’s battery reach 100%.

It was only around the same time last year when Xiaomi’s 100W fast charging technology was launched. The Chinese OEM has clearly worked hard on this category.

Xiaomi engineers claim that after 800 cycles of use, the energy of Xiaomi’s battery remains above 80%. This is much higher than the Chinese requirement of “after 400 cycles, the battery life should not be less than 60%”. This means that Xiaomi’s 200W fast charging beats the Chinese industry standard.

At that time, Xiaomi did not officially announce the specific implementation plan. However, with the announcement of NuVolta NU 2205, it appears that Xiaomi will use the dual-cell solution.

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