November 2019 security patch rolling out for the Galaxy Tab S4

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It’s not unusual for Samsung to release an upcoming security patch for a device even before the relevant month rolls around. It’s the Galaxy Tab S4’s turn this time around to receive such an update. The November 2019 security patch has been released for the tablet in several markets across Europe.The update has been released for the Wi-Fi variant of the tablet so far. As one would expect from a security maintenance release, the update primarily brings fixes for vulnerabilities discovered in Android and Samsung’s custom software. The September 2019 security patch was released for the device a little over a month ago.Galaxy Tab S4 gets November 2019 security patchThe details of the November 2019 security patch are not available at this point in time. Google hasn’t posted the latest Android Security Bulletin. Samsung hasn’t detailed the patch yet as well since it does that after the bulletin gets posted.We’ve seen this happen for many devices in the past as well. It’s not unusual to see a security patch being rolled out ahead of time. Samsung has released this update, firmware version T830XXU4BSJ2 in markets across Europe. They include Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands and Nordic countries. The firmware is readily available for download from our database.November is just around the corner anyway. It’s not going to be long before the details of this security maintenance release are made public.

Galaxy Tab S4 (10.5″, Wi-Fi)

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