Nothing’s product design principles uncovered

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Nothing Design Principles

The ‘Nothing Design Principles’ are being made known to the public. It can be assumed nothing will be kept hidden by Nothing. As early as now, Carl Pei is trying to win the market by letting the public know details about how the company plans to improve on technology. The mission of the brand is to mainly “remove barriers between technology and people to create a seamless digital future.” Nothing’s goal is an advanced technology that is integrated seamlessly into our everyday lives. It’s seamless that it actually “feels like nothing”.

Don’t be confused. The brand “Nothing” just wants technology to be not so obvious “yet is everywhere”. Human can be more empowered with technology that is “barely-noticeable” as described. Someday, there may even be no need for screen or dedicated devices.

Nothing plans to introduce new products that embody the company’s design principles. Nothing describes the Concept 1 true wireless earbuds that offers transparency that can deliver technology closer to the consumers.

Nothing Technologies‘ CEO and co-founder Carl Pei has proudly announced these principles that serve as the company’s guide for product design. New Nothing products are expected to be announced in the Summer.

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