Nokia 400 could be an Android-running feature phone

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Android-powered Nokia feature phone

A feature phone is not just another brick phone. It may look like one but it is close to being a smartphone with its ability to access the Internet. While smartphones continue to improve, there is also an effort to move to feature phones. Well, not really move but to work on improving the technology. In July last year, a Nokia feature phone was spotted running Android. A couple of months later, an Android-powered Nokia feature phone was said to be unveiled the following month.

Nothing was launched but HMD Global could be unveiling one very soon. A Nokia 400 phone has been sighted on the Wi-Fi Alliance website. Usually, this kind of discoveries can turn to official launch after a few weeks.

This Nokia 400 could be the first Android feature phone. A feature phone running Android could mean very affordable phones–even lower than the current budget smartphones we know.

The Nokia brand has already tried with KaiOS. The latter has been acquired by Google to put Google Assistant and apps on feature phones. The device with model number TA-1208 has appeared on Wi-Fi Alliance with the original date (August 2019) but has since been updated recently.

There is a mention of ‘GAFP’ again which was also mentioned in related leaks before. The stories before didn’t actually mention Nokia but the phone looked a lot like a Nokia phone–it’s very obvious. An announcement could be made during the Mobile World Congress since this is an important development but we’ll wait and see.

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