No Samsung Care+ for Galaxy Note20 family after purchase

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If you own either of the Galaxy Note20 or the mightier Ultra variant, chances are you have already noticed, if you haven’t, here is a jab right where it’ll hurt. Buyers of Samsung’s flagships are reporting that they’re unable to add Samsung Care+ after they have purchased a new phone. This is not the first time we are hearing such a concern – it has happened with the likes of Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S9 previously – only this time, it may be a permanent move from the South Korean tech giant.

According to Android Police, users say Care+ cannot be added after purchase of the Galaxy Note20. Samsung Care+ is an extended protection plan for $11.99/month that the company provides on the Note20 family. With the plan, the device is covered for accidental damage and is legible for extended warranty.

Though a set of people claim that Care+ can be added at the time of checkout, there is no way to add it after purchase. This could possibly be because of some policy level change that Samsung has not been vocal about. Android Police has also noticed a couple of Reddit threads wherein people have got in touch with Samsung support to be informed that it is a “corporate policy change for the Galaxy Note20 family.”

Some buyers are suggesting that the best way to get Care+ after purchase is by returning the recently purchased Note20 and to reorder it with Care+ protection. This may seem perfect for some, but considering the fact that people buy flagships by utilizing Samsung’s trade-in program – returning an old device for a discount on the new phone – it may not be the best bet. The catch here is that if you return a new Samsung phone you stand to get no refund for the old device you traded.

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