No Olympics, no problem: Samsung’s TV unit seizes record market share

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It’s no surprise a global recession is affecting the world’s largest consumer electronics industry. It’s not even unfathomable for those changes to be an overall net positive for some manufacturers. But for Samsung to dominate the global television market the way it did for the entirety of this year in spite of weathering through some unprecedented lows that were impossible to predict is something we’re still trying to wrap our heads around.

In any case, it would seem that old saying about having nowhere to go but up still holds true. Because Samsung TV business seized a record portion of the global TV market in Q3 2020, newly disclosed industry data reveals.

This probably isn’t even Samsung’s final form

More specifically, approximately every third TV sold during the past quarter was from Samsung, Omdia reported earlier today. This is the second major analytics firm reporting Samsung’s global TV leadership reached all-time highs during the third quarter of the year. As a reminder, TrendForce said something similar last month.

And as if breaking sales for the exact opposite of non-essential goods during the largest epidemic in the last 100 years wasn’t impressive enough, Samsung already announced this incredible feat half a year in advance. Talk about a dominant performance.

Sales weren’t the only metric by which Samsung has been making TV history this year; the company’s TV division also teamed up with its recently signed celebrity ambassadors – BTS – in order to celebrate numerous YouTube milestones and set a few new records in the process. Meanwhile, its global leadership continues to include the world’s largest market for high-end TVs.

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