Niantic Labs 2019 Event Highlights shown in an infographic

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Niantic Labs is now more notable for coming with Pokemon GO. It’s been more than three years since the phenomenal augmented reality game hit both Android and iOS. We’ve witnessed many milestones, changes, updates, and new features throughout the years and we can say the AR game is better than before. We may have missed some upgrades but we shared with you the top ones like the new Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure, as well as, the expansion of storage limits to 3,000.

In December, an Evolution Event and Raid Day was held for the fans. Actually, more live events were held and now we’re learning Niantic Labs made a lot of money with them.

Those live events contributed to some $249 million in revenue for tourism in three cities only: Montréal, Dortmund, and Chicago. About 77 live events happened in 32 different countries with players from 60 countries attending at least one event. In total, 2.7 million Agents, Witches, Wizards, and Trainers attended the live events. A total of 6.5 million kilometers were walked together across all events.

Niantic Lab’s Senior Manager for Live Events shared: “Over the last 7 years, live, real-world events have been central to Niantic’s goal in leveraging technology to create interactive experiences that foster exploration and discovery, active and healthy lifestyles and lasting friendships. Niantic’s large-scale real-world events have had a true and clear positive economic impact on tourism, bringing people from around the world together for a weekend of adventure.”

Not many people may be aware of the live events but Pokemon GO fans know. This year, major events will be held for several Pokemon GO games from the original AR adventure game to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to Ingress Prime.

View Full Infographic HERE to see some of the 2019 Live Events Highlights.

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