Next hit game for your Galaxy phone might be a – Netflix original?!

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The next hit game for your Galaxy smartphone might be a Netflix original, of all things. Namely, the video streaming giant disclosed its intentions to branch out into gaming more aggressively in the near future. The company revealed as much in an investor brief earlier this week.

For the time being, Netflix is primarily interested in mobile games, reads the conglomerate’s latest shareholder letter. The gaming expansion is still in a relatively early phase and no exact timelines have been attached to the pledge.

Netflix and gaming? Now, who do we know that’s irking for a blockbuster content partnership?

Netflix is far from a stranger to the world of interactive entertainment. From traditional titles like the Stranger Things spin-offs to more bizarre experiments in the vein of Black Mirror Bandersnatch, the company has so far been more than willing to throw money at niche video game projects. Niche relative to the popularity of its streaming platform, at least.

At the same time, Samsung has also been increasing its focus on the video game industry in recent times. And mobile gaming in particular, as a matter of fact. So, given its willingness to invest in content partnerships of all kinds, another collaboration with one of the largest entertainment companies in the world certainly seems like a no-brainer (and not just for gaming-related reasons). Assuming it’s on the table, of course. Though according to Netflix itself, this undertaking seems to be young enough for just about anything to be still be possible. Fingers crossed?

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