Next-gen Galaxy Fold may turn into a smaller, compact square form

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

It’s no secret that Samsung is working on other versions of the Galaxy Fold. More foldable phones will be introduced although we believe their future will depend on the original Galaxy Fold’s fate. The first foldable device from the company received a second chance and is expected to launch this September. In South Korea, it is believed to be out on the 6th while in the US, we’re looking at September 27. The next few weeks will both be exciting and nerve-wracking as we watch the Samsung Galaxy Fold perform.

More Samsung Galaxy foldable phones are in the works. A clamshell foldable smartphone may also be released. Another Samsung Galaxy Fold version may even fold outwards.

The second-gen Galaxy Fold may be announced next year. It will be a flagship luxury phone that folds down into a smaller and more compact square size. It will maybe look more like a clamshell. The 6.7-inch inner display may turn into a smaller form. It is expected to be smaller, thinner, and even more affordable.

Nothing is confirmed yet but Samsung is said to be working with Thom Browne, an American designer, on the design of the next foldable device. This could be a more stylish foldable smartphone–one that will appeal to more consumers. It may have a camera hole for the selfie shooter placed in the inner display.

We’re imagining a flexible, clamshell phone. It may easier to use and carry around. After the original but improved Galaxy Fold is released, expect Galaxy Fold 2 related leaks and rumors will be made public.

The patent illustration and renders we saw a while ago could be close to what we’re imagining. We’re thinking of a new Samsung foldable phone with a horizontal hinge instead of a verticle hinge. Maybe that’s why there are talks of a foldable-clamshell phone.

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