Newegg Black Friday deals: When it starts & all the best deals

You know they say there’s always a calm before the storm? Well, in the world of deals, 2020 has so far been relatively calm. Get ready for that to change. With Prime Day in mid-October and Black Friday soon after, the world of tech is about to be hit with a storm of deals.

Plus, with certain global pandemics going on, in-store sales are going to be much smaller this year. Retailers are not expecting the same sort of crowds we’ve come to stereotypically assume with Black Friday. Most of the deals this year are going to be online. Or, at least, all the normal deals you’d see in store will be online as well. So you can bet the retailers that do most of their work online are going to play a bigger role this year. That includes Newegg, which has every chance to be a big player this year.

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With new gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, new laptops like the updated Surface lineup, new smart home devices like the 4th-generation Echo Dot, and so much more tech coming out this year, you know the sales are going to be huge. We plan to stay on top of everything Newegg has to offer this year, and if you want to know that information then stick with this post because we’ll update it as new info becomes available.

When is Newegg’s Black Friday?

Newegg calls its big sales event “Black November,” and doesn’t limit the savings to just a Friday. Nobody really does that anyway, but at least Newegg is upfront about it. They have deals throughout most of November, with the biggest sales starting around the middle of the month. Of course, this year is so different that we expect everything to start much earlier than normal.

The lead up to “Black November” starts in October for sure. Last year, Newegg had an event called Gametober going on near the end of the month, which included huge savings on all sorts of gaming related items including actual video games, gaming laptops, and more. This year’s Gametober has already started and features savings up to 65% off especially for those who are looking to upgrade their computer builds.

Plus, you can always check out Newegg’s “Shell Shocker” sales. These deals get replaced every day so there’s always something new getting discounted, and a lot of the times you can find some surprisingly good prices in there.

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Where is the Newegg Black Friday ad?

Last year, the Newegg Black Friday ad and the sales events associated with it all started around mid-November. Newegg doesn’t really have to leak its circulars like other retailers and doesn’t follow those type of traditions since it’s a mostly online store. That being said, we do expect to see the details on Newegg’s Black November event hit earlier than last year. We’ll post it if we see it.

Also expect Newegg to release an ad specifically for Cyber Monday probably sometime deep into November. Newegg is usually a big destination for Cyber Monday since electronics and tech are basically all Newegg does.

What to shop for during Newegg’s Black Friday sale?

Newegg is always a great place for electronics, computer parts, and computer accessories. Whether you need a new mouse, new RAM or a gaming chair, you can find that sort of stuff at Newegg. So if there is a tech deal to be found, you can be sure Newegg will at least match it. That’s why when shopping at Newegg look for deals on smart home gear, gaming consoles and video games, and even 4K smart TVs or computer monitors. When you see direct price drops on similar gear at other retailers like Amazon or Best Buy, you can bet Newegg will have a similar discount.

Wondering about specific items? I’d say expect to see big deals on the previous generation of gaming consoles. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One X are being replaced, which means retailers are going to want to get rid of whatever stock they have. We’re going to see huge direct price drops, game and accessory bundles, and more for both consoles.

We also anticipate a lot of accessories deals on mice and keyboards and things like that. Webcams have been suffering this year from bad supply lines, so we’re really hoping they make a comeback toward the end of the year. Hopefully Newegg and other tech retailers will have some great webcam sales during these upcoming big events.

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Will the Newegg Black Friday ad leak early?

Since Newegg doesn’t have a brick & mortar retail space, the company doesn’t really operate in the same way as regular Black Friday retailers. Newegg releases ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but mostly because it is tradition to do so. So, no, the ads don’t really leak early. They leak right when the sales start usually. Like I said before though, Newegg’s Black Friday sales aren’t focused on Black Friday. It is usually a Black November sale, so we do expect to see the ad near the end of October or early November this year.

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