New Titan Security Key options announced by Google

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Back in 2019, Google announced the USB-C Titan Security Key. It’s a follow-up to the Titan M chip that was previously introduced to strengthen security in Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones. Fast forward to almost three years later, the tech giant is releasing new Titan Security Key options. As Google continues to improve on its products and services, expect security of Android devices will be part of the priority list. Well, that should have always been the case but the tech giant is only now getting more serious with it.

Beginning this week, only two types of Titan Security Keys will be available on the Google. Choose between the USB-C or USB-A version. Both versions offer Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality already. This means you can just tap the key on your mobile device to sign in securely.

You can get the keys from the Google Store beginning August 10, Tuesday. Each key can help and protect every user and it can be a defense against credential phishing. It works with an Advanced Protection Program so your Google Account is always safe.

Google is also now discontinuing the Bluetooth Titan Security Key. This is because most phones these days offer NFC functionality. If you have the Bluetooth version, you can still use it with Bluetooth and as an NFC key for most mobile devices. Warranties will still be honored.

Google recommends you get the USB-A + NFC security key if you have a computer with USB-A ports and the USB-C + NFC security key for those with USB-C ports. A USB-C Titan Security Key will work with an iPad with USB-C.

Google Store lists the Titan Security Key. You can purchase directly from the website for $30 (USB-A) and $35 (USB-C) beginning August 10.

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