New Tile products introduced with improved tracking features

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Tile Products

Tracking a person or a gadget seems easy these days but it’s not always the case especially in most regions. In the US, it can be easy because of the hundreds to probably thousands of tracking solutions and products available. There’s Tile with several items that include a new Sticker, new form factor for the Slim, plus significant upgrades to the Mate and Pro. Tile has been introducing tracking items in the past years. The first time we mentioned a Tile was way back in 2014 when Tile Tags were added to Blunt umbrellas.

The Tile App was then made available on Android. A new Tile Pro line brought better range, alerts, smart speaker integration a couple of years ago. Last year, there was the upgraded Mate Pro and new Premium subscription.

The Tile tracking solution is said to be more helpful and effective with the Google Assistant, helping you find lost items more easily. Today, a new lineup of Tile products are being introduced. The new hardware includes the Tile Sticker, Tile Slim, Tile Pro, Tile and Mate. Each product offers different benefits and features.

The Tile Sticker is innovative. It has adhesive so you can easily stick it to any item. It is small, cost-effective, and convenient to use. It can be attached to any product you can think of.

The Tile Slim is much slimmer and sleeker. It’s like a credit card so it can get inside narrow spaces like luggage tags, wallets, and other difficult to reach spots. Its range is 200 feet(60m) so you don’t have to worry about your stuff missing. Its battery can last up to three years.

Both the Tile Mate and Tile Pro offer an extended Bluetooth range of 200 and 400 feet (123m), respectively. The Pro is the most powerful. The Mate is best to use for every day. Use it with your kids’ backpacks, pencil cases, lunch boxes, bottles, or keys. and major stores have started selling these new Tile products. Check Amazon, Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s, and Best Buy. Check out the prices.

• Tile Sticker (Black only) – $39.99 (2-pack), $59.99 (4-pack)
• Tile Slim (Black) – $29.99
• Tile Mate (White) – $24.99
• Tile Pro (Black and White) – $34.99 

You can also avail of the following bundles:

• Tile Essentials (2 Tile Stickers, 1 Tile Slim, 1 Tile Mate) – $69.99
• Tile Pro Combo (2-Pack at $59.99 and 4-Pack) – $99.99
• Tile Mate (4-Pack) – $69.99
• Tile Mate/Slim Combo (2 Mates and 2 Slims) – $74.99 

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