New Sony Xperia Pro incoming with improved camera sensors, variable aperture

Sony is having a gaming event on Monday where we might or might not see a new smartphone. However, rumors are suggesting yet another launch being scheduled for November, where the second generation photography-oriented Xperia Pro-I will be unveiled.

According to the report, Sony will launch the phone with three cameras, all with new and improved sensors, all of them with 48MP resolution. On top of that, one of them will have a variable aperture between f/1.2 and f/4.0.

The trio of cameras being 48MP with pixel binning means they will natively shoot at 12MP resolution. According to the source, the main cam will have a 1” IMX903 sensor and the ultrawide shooter will come with the 1/1.3” IMX803 imager.

The telephoto sensor will be a new version of the 1/1.7” IMX557, which we previously saw in the Xperia 1 II and Xperia 5 IV. However in those two it had native 12MP resolution and the successor is moving to a Quad-Bayer setup.

We can expect a new ISP also to arrive with this alleged Xperia Pro-I Mark II whenever it goes official. Last year’s Pro-I arrived in late October so the timeline suggested by the report isn’t implausible.

Source (in Chinese) | Via (in Japanese)

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