New Samsung Galaxy S11+ image shows actual camera setup

The camera placement on the upcoming Galaxy S11 lineup has been stirring up some debates lately. Some tipsters have chimed in that the circulating renders are not portraying the actual positions of the camera sensors and the latest image from OnLeaks aims to fix that.
New Samsung Galaxy S11+ render shows actual camera positions
As we can see the quad-camera setup on the S11+ features three sensors on the left side with an additional one on the right which sits alongside the LED flash. Last week, another prominent leakster IceUniverse also revealed the alleged final camera configuration for the S11+ alongside more details on the new 9-1 Bayer technology used in the phone’s 108 MP main sensor.

New S11+ camera placement vs previos render New S11+ camera placement vs previos render
New S11+ camera placement (left) vs previos render (right)

On top of that, we also got some clarification on the actual sensors with the top left one being touted as the ultra-wide-angle module which sits above the main 108MP shooter while the one below that is the periscope unit which supports 5x optical zoom. This means the fourth module should be the ToF sensor.

We are still at least a good two months away from the alleged February 11 launch date for the S11 series so we’ll likely get even more info in the meantime.


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