New iPad mini torn down, iFixit explains jelly scroll effect

In a new video posted by iFixit, the recently announced iPad mini is torn down and a jelly scrolling effect is also explained.

This so-called “jelly scroll” effect is not new. It has to do with the orientation of the controller board and the direction that user is scrolling. Because the screen refreshes by scanning from one side to the other, scrolling in the direction that’s perpendicular to the direction of the scan may appear like its scrolling unevenly in some cases, particularly when using the iPad in a vertical orientation.

Apple has recently confirmed to Arstechnica that the new iPad mini’s scroll effect is normal behavior. iFitit speculates that “Apple could be using a cheaper display panel than usual here, so the refresh scan is more pronounced than they expected it to be.”

New iPad mini torn down, iFixit explains jelly scroll effect

After heating the display and carefully cutting around the adhesive that holds the display inside, the screen comes off after removing two connectors. The host of the video also notes that the new iPad mini now has a new, more easily accessible battery connector.

Relating to the battery, although stretch-release adhesive pull-tabs were spotted behind the battery pack, it turned out that Apple still used strong adhesive that needed to be dissolved with isopropyl alcohol.

The speakers were removed, but their magnet’s adhesive was attached such that it may not be possible for the speakers to function again if they’re removed.

After uncovering the A15 logic board and an empty space where 5G hardware is supposed to go, it was noted that the USB-C port on the new iPad mini was modular, and much easier to repair.

Still, the USB-C port was not enough to bring up the reparability score, which was 3 out of 10.


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