New Google Nest Hub announced with improved design, features

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Google Nest Hub Pricing

A new Google Nest Hub has just been announced. The tech giant has officially presented the new model of the smart home product. It’s the second generation model of the smart device that comes with a 7-inch display. It can be a one-stop control panel for all your smart devices at home. It’s more of a smart display with an enhanced industrial design and a bevy of fun and helpful features. This one is powered by Motion Sense and Soli technology.

The second-gen Google Nest Hub allows Quick Gestures. Of course, it comes with the now more intelligent Google Assistant that can offer information on demand and follow your command.

It can also work as a smart alarm as it can help you fall asleep after a tiring day but playing sooting and relaxing sounds. When you need to wake up early, use it as a reliable alarm clock. The Sunrise Alarm feature can be more useful as it can increase the volume while the display brightens.

The Nest Hub 2 also features Sleep Sensing. It tracks when you sleep and wake up. It can also know how long you have slept. The device takes advantage of Soli’s Motion Sense and a low-energy radar. It detects motion and analyzes breathing. It doesn’t need a camera to work. Sleep Sensing can be done with the built-in temperature sensor, ambient light sensor, and built-in mic among others.

Spotify, YouTube Music, or Pandora. You can also enjoy TV shows and movies on the Nest Hub via the different media streaming apps.

Google Nest Hub 2 Features

As with other smart Google products, the Nest Hub offers timers, calendar, and reminders. The Family Bell is helpful as it offers reminders to the whole family. It tells you when an online class is about to start or is over, time for reading, or time for bedtime.

Use the Nest Hub as a digital photo frame with the Google Photos app. The device is available in four colors: Mist (new), Sand, Charcoal, and Chalk. It is built with sustainable parts like plastic that contains 54% recycled plastic.

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