New Google Assistant features, tools ready for developers

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Google IO 2021 Google Assistant Features Tools

The Google I/O 2021 keynote was a success. By now, you’ve probably heard of a lot of things from Android 12 Beta 1 to Wear OS and the fact that Google has added the best of Samsung’s Tizen to come up with a unified platform. New privacy and security tools have also been introduced. Now we’re learning more about the Google Assistant that will be available soon on more devices. For developers and OEMs, Google has also shared new features and tools that will help you come up with new devices and apps.

New Android APIs are ready for Assistant developers. If you want to try and incorporate Google Assistant, you may start with App Actions. It brings Google Assistant to your mobile app. It’s able to help you complete user queries. Some of the major apps that have used App Actions include Twitter and MyFitnessPal.

On the Android Studio, you can check App Actions. You can do so by mapping built-in intents to specific experiences and features within the app. With the updates, you can take advantage of improved support for Assistant built-in intents with the Capabilities framework API.

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